About Us

Oscar Apparel Co. An Authentic New Orleans Brand.

The Oscar the duck heritage is that of designer Carnell J. a local New Orleanian who created the Original Oscar T-Shirt collection.

His idea of design for the brand came during a stroll at the Audubon Park of New Orleans . While observing the swimming ducks, one of them in particularly, stood out. The ducks confident, carefree way; so regal, so relaxed but also well dressed! Thinking in that moment, this kind of solemn and stress-free manner of presence can be translated into clothing -- and so we did. 

Inspired by his new duck friend, and a passion to impact the culture, sports, and fashion gave rise to Oscar the Duck. 

Oscar Apparel Company Philosophy

"Be in the moment, for this is where all of your power exists and is available to you."


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